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Nidri Key Wall

Alongside Lefkas main town, Nidri is a famous sailing destination in the Ionian. Nidri marina is considered the starting point for sailing through prigiponisia, an island complex located opposite of the southeast coast of Lefkada..

If you are looking to learn how to sail Nidri is the right place with its light winds and calm sea, you will get the confident you need to start your sailing adventures.

The area is very popular to tourists and every summer the marina and streets are flooded with people fascinated by the blue sea, the picture perfect scenery and the nearby attractions like Onassis’ private island, Skorpios (although now it has changed hands).

Along the marina you will find restaurants that suit all tastes, Traditional Greek, Italian, Chinese. You will find many local bars and cafes which are open till early morning hours if you fancy a drink or two.

Very busy during summer time so ensure you get on time to secure a space on the key!

By Allan Skippers Blog