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My First Delivery Alkmini

Have you ever thought the day would never come where you were confident that you could sail your own yacht?… After some first class training and guidance, I did exaclty that. I had spent a few days preparing the yacht and ensuring tanks were full, water and snacks loaded, followed by ensuring I breifed my crew on safety proceedures and our planned we were off. OK, it was with my family and friends to delivery our yacht for its first charter.

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An Ounce of Preventer is Worth a Pound of Gybe

Sailing downwind is bliss for many cruisers. The wind is at your back and the seas are often following. Heeling is reduced or absent altogether and the sailing is just generally quieter. You’ve also got options for which sails to hoist and how to set them. If your boat is so equipped and the air light, you may opt for a spinnaker. Or maybe you prefer wing-and-wing with the headsail on one side of the boat and the main on the other.

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