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By Allan

My First Delivery Alkmini

Have you ever thought the day would never come where you were confident that you could sail your own yacht?… After some first class training and guidance, I did exaclty that. I had spent a few days preparing the yacht and ensuring tanks were full, water and snacks loaded, followed by ensuring I breifed my crew on safety proceedures and our planned we were off. OK, it was with my family and friends to delivery our yacht for its first charter.

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Orion Sailing Yacht Charter Greece - Summer Sailing
By Allan

Summer sailing at its best

From Lefkas to Meganisi, to Kalamos and Sivota, Ithaka and Kefalonia or even further up to Parga and Corfu you will have the best sailing holidays.. So many places to see, so much coastline to explore that you will not be disappointed.

The Ionian Archipelago consisted from the seven islands (Corfu, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Lefakada, Ithaca, Paxoi and Kithira), surrounded by smaller island clusters, is one of the most famous sailing destinations not only for the stunning coastlines but also for the excellent sailing conditions.

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Orion Sailing Yacht Charter GreeceBlog-Nidri
By Allan

Nidri Key Wall

Alongside Lefkas main town, Nidri is a famous sailing destination in the Ionian. Nidri marina is considered the starting point for sailing through prigiponisia, an island complex located opposite of the southeast coast of Lefkada..

If you are looking to learn how to sail Nidri is the right place with its light winds and calm sea, you will get the confident you need to start your sailing adventures.

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Orion Sailing Yacht Charter Greece - Blog Meganisi
By Allan

Meganisi Amazing

Meganisi is located east- southeast of Lefkada and it has three villages, Katomeri, Vathi and Spartohori. It also includes Scorpios and Sparti.

The area is perfect for sailing as it is blessed with several magnificent sheltered little beaches and secluded coves, where you can relax, sunbathe and enjoy a cooling swim in crystal clear waters. Some of this beaches have small bars that you can purchase beverages.

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Orion Sailing Yacht Charter Greece - Blog Sailing-Tips
By Allan

An Ounce of Preventer is Worth a Pound of Gybe

Sailing downwind is bliss for many cruisers. The wind is at your back and the seas are often following. Heeling is reduced or absent altogether and the sailing is just generally quieter. You’ve also got options for which sails to hoist and how to set them. If your boat is so equipped and the air light, you may opt for a spinnaker. Or maybe you prefer wing-and-wing with the headsail on one side of the boat and the main on the other.

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Orion Sailing Yacht Charter Greece - Blog Sailing-Tips
By Allan

Tips for safe gybing

Recently, windsurfing is increasingly catching the fancy of all and hence the demand for windsurfing lesson is rapidly increasing. However, before one take up the first surfing lesson, some kind of preparation is essential to help one get the most out of the surf lesson. Surfing requires very strong legs which can come from swimming lessons.

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