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Tips for safe sailing…

Nothing can beat the sailing experience.. It’s exciting, challenging, exhilarating and relaxing. The sense of freedom with the wind on your sails is unforgettable. However wherever you sail to and no matter for how long it is important to make sure that you keep yourself and your crew safe at all times on the water.

Pre-departure checklist
A thorough pre departure checklist is essential, especially if you are planning long journeys ie engine check, boat equipment, safety equipment, fuel, clothing, food, water etc.

Weather Forecast
Before setting sail and during sailing it is important that you have checked the weather forecast to see what the sailing conditions will be like, especially the wind direction and strength, plus visibility.

Set a sailing plan ahead of the trip
Obtain local charts and familiarize yourself with the area you are visiting. Write a plan of where you are heading with all boat information and leave with someone onshore. Whilst sailing maintain proper speed, keep an eye on other boaters in the area and keep a lookout at all times.

Lifejackets and backup communication devices
An essential part of boat safety is having the right safety equipment on board ie properly fitting Lifejackets for adults and kids. In addition, backup communication devices should always be carried in case of emergency.

First aid kit
A basic first aid kit with plasters, bandages, antiseptic and even sun cream should be on every yacht and accessible at any time. It might take a few hours till you are able to see a doctor so this is a must have. Make sure you keep hydrated and away of direct sun as much as possible.

By Allan Skippers Tip